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Friday, February 29, 2008

Karine's criss-cross card

Karine whipped this up at the last minute, filling in for Peggy N. Karine used star and tab punches to create the elements on her card. It can be used for a recipe, a photo, or another smaller card. The other ladies told me to add a thin line of glue to the bottom. I never realised I was supposed to!

The funny story about Karine, is that she just signed up as a ctmh consultant and will be my downline, but I had never met her ! Then, when I looked up her address and personal info, I discovered that her birthday is also OCT 16!~! So we are SISTAZZZZ.

I also have a sistah at work, Beth Wilcocks. She is going to be a principal and teaches French Immersion.

Thanks for the useful card, Karine.

here are directions for a crisscross card at spljt coast by Beate Johns:

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