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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Bell Fountain, or Bell Fountain... I saw it spelt both ways... is just a very tiny village north of Guelph where Rick and I spent an afternoon sipping latte, browsing the General Store, and then walking a wonderful trail along the waterfalls and ravine with Zowie. The paths and grounds were laid out exquisitely, by someone long ago. Walking along with the wonderful fountain and iron railings, and passing over the swing bridge in the calm of autumn into the circular forest trails , I felt transported into a mystical state of being. We walked over moss , stones, and damp leaves that had fallen in gentle patterns. Leaving the grounds, we embarked on an ancient stone path that extended in a Zen bridge upwards. It is now one of my very favorite memories, captured in a photo . I wonder who first lived here long ago?
I scrapped this layout at Talisman with deep denim blue, soft yellow, and Grace pattern papers. I don't have much to say about the layout this time. It is more about the mood.

Monday, November 23, 2009


These are 6 cards that i created in my spare time at the chalet with die cuts, Grace papers, and Serendipity stamps. The design is extremely simple so I added layers of paper flowers to embellish. I like the ones that stamp handwriting on the flower petals the best. I used up most of my desert sand die cuts . Now that I completed these, I will work on some using the light blue die cut flowers from the same kit.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


My sister in law invited Peggy and I to her ski chalet which backs onto Talisman near Collingwood 2 weeks ago to scrap. I got a bit accomplished, but not as much as i would have liked. It was a wonderful day for a walk and Peggy took some great pics. This is a little brook running down Talisman. Nature is amazing.

Bite me... please!

come on, just a nibble... I swear it wont hurt....

Rick's cousin Kelly got married in November in Mexico so before flying south, they hosted a pre- party in Tilsonburg : Jeff and Kelly's Wicked Wedding... October 31.

It was really well done. Her sister got miles of red velvet hangings and all sorts of huge pillars and crosses to create a very convincing Ghoul's Den. They even had dry ice to make fog for the ceremony. Of course, almost every guest came in costume! Bride and Groom came as The Bride of Frankenstein... his makeup was amazing . The kids were all costumed as well and very much in the spirit! Sexy sister Tracey came as a Hot French Maid, and her husband David came as Brorro... a black Zorro.. the parents of the bride were Elizabethan Royalty.

I should mention that while I like costumes , and of course, makeup, this event took some convincing for Rick . Costumes are not his big thing. He's a hockey coach! But I didnt push it, as going out in costume with someone in a permanent scowl is not much fun. I just let him know I had a great idea if he was willing to try and he decided to do it!

Following the craze for Twilight and the popularity of vampires, Rick and I teamed up to appear as a sexy vampire couple... well, we tried our best . lol. I splurged on the long red wig. The makeup was fun and transformed both of us. I knew Rick was in the spirit when he started pumping his cape like a bat on the dance floor. I stole Liam's bright green pimp hat and posed for a great picture on the velvet couch, holding a large rat.

Since I had lots of great photos to show, I used flip flap photo holders to add a few extra layers of photos to the top of the page protector.

I completed this layout up north at my brothers chalet behind Talisman 2 weeks ago.

Colours are Sweet Leaf, Smokey Plum and black... inspired by Jeannette Lynton's Colour Me Monday post in October. delectably twisted.
I really love this colour combo . I was telling Peggy and Bernie up north at the chalet that lots of folks use dark purple for Halloween layouts but neither of them was having it. In fact, Peggy thought the purple was unappealing (to put it mildly) Some times , my scrap pal gals and I differ on our tastes. Me, I have done pumpkins over and over. Orange would be fun for Easter , though!

Monday, November 2, 2009

New Muzik

i have arranged my playlist to include new muzik for your ears...
its Christmassy . enjoy!

Holiday Cheer

the second in a series... this Ms. Holiday Cheer is showing her little tushie in faded denim jeans. I used a waterbrush to dilute the ink and make a wash to fill in the jeans. The hat is done with the ever popular and easy to use Stickles product . The Rhinestone frame and Jingle Papers are both by CTMH .

I was out shopping for tombo tonight at the LSS (local scrapbook store) because I am going on a scrapbook retreat with my sister in law and good friend Peggy on Nov. 13. I got some new blades for my Fiskars trimmer, and then started to browse through the store. Lo and behold, I found 12 inch styrofoam cones on sale. So what , you ask? Omygosh I cant wait to make Tracey Mason's paper tree ( ) with Peggy and Bernadette at the chalet in two weeks!

It is an eclectic multi paper tree that reminds me of Tim Burton a bit with the curly tips. You can use leftover paper, it doesnt have to be Christmas themed. I am going to do mine in deep aubergine, browns and golds. I might throw in some olive green. I got 6 cones so I will share with the ladies and make a few extra for gifts. Going downstairs to sort through my papers. See you soon!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ms Holiday Cheer

The first of some tasty little cards that I am creating . Ms Holiday Cheer really appealed to me because she is so cute sweet and happy. The colours are tulip, juniper, creme brulee, twilight and blush. I am experimenting with different products such as Fun Flock and Liquid Glass on the stamped images. All supplies are CTMH except for ribbon.