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Saturday, March 15, 2014

retrospective 2013

 And here are the rest, including a wedding, an anniversary, summer fun,
 baseball and hockey highlights, art gallery events, and landscaping,
 Thanksgiving at Korny Korners, Chris Hadfield speaking at SCITS,
 the woods behind the gallery in November, encountering a butterfly and meeting Chris Hadfield for a quick kiss at a book signing,
 Holiday memories,
Christmas celebrations. I still have one more 2 page spread to finish on my daughters art show at Brockton Gallery.. I am so inspired by this timeline flow that went out and bought a paper pack and some embellishments to continue the theme into 2014. Perhaps I will change to a dark grey background or another neutral.

retrospective for march, april 2013

This layout has 21 wallet sized pictures, featuring artwork, my sons birthday at Moxies, a trip to Samana DR, students work, Easter, and Music Monday .

2013 retrospective

I decided to scrapbook 2013 as a year in retrospective, inspired by the timeline on facebook. In fact, I used many pictures from facebook, that had come from significant events in the course of the year. So most of the pages have multiple events featured. This format has a flow and it works well because I wanted to include one or two photos of a family birthday, events at school, or at the art gallery instead of doing larger photos within themed layouts as I have in the past.
I used a soft grey background paper to keep the entire year within the same colour boundary, and then I added to that, mostly within the pastel or muted palette. This layout is from January and features a candlevigil for Noelle, Chris Hadfield inside the ISS, a visit to my son in London, Valentines day, and my aunts birthday.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

To every thing , there is a season

I created these to send kind thoughts, a show of respect, a gentle word with some beauty and care to lift someone's spirits who is in pain, has experienced a loss, and is feeling alone.

I particularly like the sentiment, to every thing, there is a season, a time for every purpose, under heaven, set withing a circular frame and surrounding the bursting dandelion. The invevitability of our mortality can be tolerable within the philosophy of acceptance. Our natural cycle is the same as any living creature, high or low. We alone have a higher sense of awareness. This bursting dandelion calls to mind the exquisite power of our awareness, the third eye if you will. I want to take each day as a gift, to be honored . I want to treat my body with reverence, and keep it clean and healthy out of respect and care for my children and their future children. And finally, the five banners are like family banners... they represent the past , present , future, and all those we love.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Picasso cards

Three different
all occasion cards using Picasso prints that I purchased this summer at the
Art Gallery of Ontario.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Christmas Layouts 2012

I just completed a 4 page spread on Christmas with the family, using bright happy colours : lime green, aqua blue, and some traditional deep red. This is my own design, it just evolved from the papers and photos. I try to keep a bit of each type of paper or accent on both the left and right of the layout for balance. The papers are from lily bee design. The accents are Jovial by Basic Grey and there is a little ribbon and a rubon.  I think the black and white help make the colours and photos crisper. I also threw in a couple of black and white photos . I like leaving all the white "negative space" behind the featured papers and photos . I journalled in pen right on the white paper, very easy and simple to do. It was nice having my brother and sister in law from Toronto , along with their young family this year, making a big group of 8 of us for 3 days!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

BG Kayak

Colton and 2 of his buddies decided to kayak at sunset on a beautiful summer evening in August. I followed them down to the beach , deciding to take some photos . Sometimes the beach atmosphere is simply enchanting and magical... and this was one of those nights. I got a few shots of the kayak under the setting sun and enjoyed the serenity of the beach for a while.
This layout is simple enough to feature a masculine subject... something the typical scrapbook kit is unlikely to do. I left off the flowers and ribbon accents , just added the little strips of regatta penants and a denim coloured pinwheel ... perfect.