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Sunday, July 10, 2011

you live, you learn

the words to this layout title are from a song by Alannis Morissette that reflect the poignancy of both good times and bad in our life voyage of growth .

you live you learn
you love you learn
you cry you learn
you lose you learn
you bleed you learn
you scream you learn
you grieve you learn
you choke you learn
you laugh you learn
you choose you learn
you pray you learn
you ask you learn
pretty succint, huh?
i topped the photos with cricut lettering for the word YOU on gypsy purple and used my stamps to dress up the plain cardstock. I like the flow of the font on the bottom .

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Prom May 2011

More of my son Colton's prom layouts. Formal themes like proms and weddings call for simplicity and in many cases use larger pictures so one or 2 photos per page is enough. I stuck with black and white and gypsy purple and amethyst cardstock throughout the layouts for consistency. Placing the photos first that I wanted over two 12 x12 white pages, I came up with ideas. The larger picture simply called for a double matt and mount on the background. Flourishes finish it nicely and the amount of white space makes the photo even more dazzling. When photos have to be cropped square, then square shapes become part of the layout design. Here, in the second layout, I created square boxes in amethyst the same size as the photos and matted all of the pieces onto a large square to get this look. The empty spaces will be used for journalling using a calligrapy pen. Flourishes were stamped into the corners.