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Saturday, March 15, 2014

retrospective 2013

 And here are the rest, including a wedding, an anniversary, summer fun,
 baseball and hockey highlights, art gallery events, and landscaping,
 Thanksgiving at Korny Korners, Chris Hadfield speaking at SCITS,
 the woods behind the gallery in November, encountering a butterfly and meeting Chris Hadfield for a quick kiss at a book signing,
 Holiday memories,
Christmas celebrations. I still have one more 2 page spread to finish on my daughters art show at Brockton Gallery.. I am so inspired by this timeline flow that went out and bought a paper pack and some embellishments to continue the theme into 2014. Perhaps I will change to a dark grey background or another neutral.

retrospective for march, april 2013

This layout has 21 wallet sized pictures, featuring artwork, my sons birthday at Moxies, a trip to Samana DR, students work, Easter, and Music Monday .

2013 retrospective

I decided to scrapbook 2013 as a year in retrospective, inspired by the timeline on facebook. In fact, I used many pictures from facebook, that had come from significant events in the course of the year. So most of the pages have multiple events featured. This format has a flow and it works well because I wanted to include one or two photos of a family birthday, events at school, or at the art gallery instead of doing larger photos within themed layouts as I have in the past.
I used a soft grey background paper to keep the entire year within the same colour boundary, and then I added to that, mostly within the pastel or muted palette. This layout is from January and features a candlevigil for Noelle, Chris Hadfield inside the ISS, a visit to my son in London, Valentines day, and my aunts birthday.