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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Elsie Flanigan... someone I admire

She pretty much goes out of the box and delights the senses with her whimsical layouts. Her photography is great. Elsie is very comfortable with herself and her unique look. I purchased her layout book 52 scrapbook challenges a year ago and it is very ARTY ... I found it inspirational and very unordinary . Drop by the studio and take a look at it anytime. Elsie likes a very primitive and heavily textured FUN look to her pages. (as opposed to refined, elegant, symmetrical ) but yet somehow her style manages to look still very enchanting and pretty . She makes embellishments like buttons, for example, out of clay, that are uneven and rugged looking and cuts out her own flowers. . I saw on her website that she now has her own line of co-ordinating scrapbook products for those of us less able to spend time being that creative.
Check out Elsie,
see if you are inspired. Her website is aptly named a beautiful mess.

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