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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

in the CREASE... teen HERO or teen GOAT

To begin this layout story, I have to explain the context for the title teen hero.. or teen Goat.
The lead singer from the Tragically Hip, Gord Downie, played as a goaltender in his teen years . He is a big fan of the Bruins and the Leafs . He understands what a goaltender goes through, all alone, in the crease.
Q: Is it true you drive a minivan, you rock star?
A: Well, on occasion, yes. I own a minivan. We call it the Black Potato or Stinkmobile.
Q: Many of us know you as singer, a poet, and even an actor. But a championship hockey goalie?
A: When I was a kid, Bantam age, our team, Ernestown, went all the way to the provincial “B” championship. We had to beat four teams in four series to get there. The crowds were huge, the stakes brutal and crushing. I was the goalie. Teen hero or teen goat. It teaches you things.
Macleans..The Interview - Written by Joseph Boyden on Monday, April 13, 2009
Yes , we know hockey is a team game, but from our point of view, everything comes down to the goalie... and he is given limited direction from the coach, who is usually at a loss when it comes to motivating him. That is why we felt so lucky to have former Canuck Steve McKichan as our goaltender coach at Future Pro goalie school each summer. Steve has worked for the Leafs as Belfour's goalie coach and has run an elite goaltending school out of Strathroy that we have attended for 7 years. It is always a thrill to see 20 goaltenders, formidable in their armour, skate hard and heavy at top speed on the ice together, doing their drills. Learning from each other. Some people have a lot to say about Steve and his ego... I think it comes naturally to some people to promote themselves and it has never bothered me that Steve is also out there to make money. I am certain he knows what he is doing.
I also have to mention that we drive a black minivan, like Gord, called the HKY LMO.. or hockey limo... the original version was a rusted green caravan with 130 km on it. It was named more in jest than anything since it was an absolute embarassment to drive in its last year. I upgraded to the black one 2 years ago. It already has almost 120 km on it .. 90 km in 2 years. thats Travel Hockey.
A friend of Rick's in Listowel drives the HKY BUS. We are the only two HKY license plates I have seen at AAA arenas.
Colton went through a lot this year emotionally. I am proud of him, for hanging in there when it got rough. For standing up for himself at times. For perservering. For enduring. For sacrificing. For supporting his teammates . For continuing to believe in himself. For not quitting.
No one ever said AAA hockey was going to be easy or fun . No one.
Competitive hockey is not for the weak of heart.
This 2 page layout was done with ctmh GAME ON level one papers and stickease. I love the black and bamboo colours because they work with more than one sport. See also, R U a pool shark for more Game On layouts.

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