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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

BE BAD on your Birthday

For my son Colton's 16th birthday, he recieved a huge card that read... be bad ... on your birthday... very bad! When you open the card , it plays Bad to the Bone by George Thoroughgood. It just happened to go with the ridiculous expressions I caught on camera from Colton and his sister posing on the day of his birthday. Can I have just one "nice" , "normal" picture please guys?

It is getting worse the older they get, because they know I scrapbook they have a perverse pleasure in "ruining" their photos with hideous grimaces and foolish poses. Sigh.

Teenagers are a mixed blessing. For those of you with younger kids, take your pictures while you can!!

Anyways, he enjoyed the cake I baked... and did give me a good shot or two for the record.

I used ctmh Free Spirit Level 1 pages... preprinted... with some stickease... they capture the essence of teen boy without being overdone. Colours are cocoa, indian corn blue, and a touch of honey.

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