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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

C C C C Cold

We have had our share of cold weather and snow lately as my friend Peggy will attest . (when is this going to end?)

It has been as cold as minus 23 during the daytime .

The snow today in particular was lovely. It snowed most of the morning and much of the afternoon and some of the evening. The air outside looked like someone was continuously shaking a snow globe . I had a bit of bus safety training outside with 2 classes at work so got to appreciate the stars and crystals on my coat sleeve.

After work I gave in to the beauty and walked the 2 dogs at 5 pm in the dusk , wearing a white fox fur hat and a furry black coat with a hood and a wooly black scarf wrapped double around my face. By the end of the walk I was surprisingly warm. The dogs were in their glory prancing along... we hadnt walked them for any length since November.

Here is a tribute to SNOW (not mine) from the terrific CTMH book Reflections...
along with a simple pattern.
The center piece is simply a 6x12 strip. very effective.

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