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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mega Crop 1 : College Freshman Layout

I went down to the Mega Crop in Chatham with my friend Peggy N. I got 3 two page layouts completed in about 5 hours and spent 2 hours walking around, shopping, and talking to Phebe and Amy. I met a really nice Ctmh consultant named Heather down there who sold me 2 sheets of cardstock in desert sand, bamboo, colonial white, and vanilla cream and 2 sheets of textured outdoor denim. She also happened to be a teacher, AND her 9 year old daughter was named Chloe! Coincidences! After looting her stash and getting what I needed I was ready to roll out the creative truck and away I went.

For the College layout I wanted to use Caprice paper to bring out the yellows and blues in the photos. The photos were taken on the morning my ex and I and his wonderful wife moved my eldest into her brand new college dorm at Fanshawe. I needed some tiny letters for the Fanshawe College title so Phebe offered to lend me her quickcutz toolkit that she had just purchased used. I learned how to use it and off I went making the letters in different colours. No sight of Peggy , so I worked away on 2 complete layouts without any further interruption other than 2 breaks for coffee and a chicken wrap. Peggy wandered back to find me after doing some Copics card classes around 2:30 and offered to buy me lunch. "Peggy", I remarked, "if I always waited for you to buy me lunch I would lose 15 pounds!" Not that I have 15 pounds to lose... I only have about 7 ... ish. but that is Another Story. I am turning 50 this month, and in Turning 50 , one wants to appear at one's most desirable weight. Thus, eating light for the next 12 days. Whatever eating light means... more salad, no desserts, smaller portions might work. At least I am hoping it does. I will join the gym later.

Back to the main narrative :
Peggy proudly showed me the turkeys and hippos she had been working on. I asked her what the worms were doing at the bottom of the hippo. "They are not worms, they are supposed to be ribbons!" she insisted. Apparently, she did not use the Copics markers which give the correct 3D effect on the ribbon. After my insensitive remarks, she realised that she really needed to purchase several colours of Copics markers and 8 blending pens and acetate, after which she felt artistically fulfilled. This is what happens when you love the tools as much as the craft.

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Amy Leggate said...

BAHAHAH Oh Stephanie, you are sooo funny !! I'm sorry Peggy spent soooo much time with me yesterday! Glad to hear that you got lots done!