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Saturday, January 26, 2008

I caved. I said I wouldnt but I did. I got not one, but Two cell phones. The kids are teens now. They were totally surprised to get them because of my adamant and firm refusals in the past.
We had not had big Christmases in over 2 years as far as gifts so it was really fun to splurge on the kids.
It was a also good decision for their safety so I can justify it. It is not so much the phones that cost money , it is the monthly plans.. text messaging, internet, fun bundle... I felt like I had bought a small car after I signed the contract.

My daughter was so happy to get her phone.
You can really see her elation in the first picture. I know she wont like these pictures because she isnt wearing makeup and she is self conscious about that. But she is so sweet and happy, even with messy hair, first thing in the morning on Christmas Day.

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