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Monday, December 8, 2008

Peace on Earth, Merry Christmas

let us take a minute to remember .

December 8 has just passed, the day John Lennon was assassinated at the age of 40 .

"all we are saying
is give peace a chance"
"war is over
if you want it"

I remember listening to the words of Lennon , as a child, and a young teen, and how they affected me . they stand true today.

I wrote cards on Sunday morning with Rick while we waited for the roads to clear after Saturday night's snow storm. I mailed most of them today.

I actually ran short on cards ... so I recycled four unfinished card fronts from 07 by adding Peace on Earth from the new Christmas Melodies labels . I love this message.

These stamps would be great also for tags.

I also used the peace on earth circle stamp on the back of all of my holiday envelopes in a soft green colour ( green/peace ) .

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I am also a fan of Lennon. Thanks for the memorial. Your crafts are very good.